Public transportation

Airport to city center

From the airport to the city center it can be reached in several ways of public transportation:

Metro (subway, underground)

The easiest and cheapest way to get from Porto Airport to the city center is to take the metro ( Line E (Violet) connects Airport Station to “Trindade” station that connects all the metro’s network. The journey to the city center takes about 30 minutes and a single fare is €1.85. For the fisrt time, you must buy the card (reusable) that costs €0,50.


If you go on early in the morning, when the underground do not go, you can take a night bus link 3M or during the day regular bus link 601, 602, 604. The buses run from the airport to downtown (Aliados Square). The ticket price is the same as metro € 1.85 and zone Z4.

Public transportation options in Porto

You can use several ways how to transport in Porto:

Metro (subway, underground)

The most reliable and the fastest way to travel around Porto is metro. There is very good metro’s network around the whole Porto.

Touristic map of metro


The bus is second best option how to travel around Porto. One advantage of bus is available WiFi networks, but not in all of them. One disadvantage is to take timetables indicative only. Sometimes the bus is not coming at all. We would also like to draw attention to a fast and furious ride bus drivers.


For travelling out of Porto we can recommend train, that is really comfortable and cheap. For example near the Porto there are cities that worth to see like Aveiro, Guimarães or Braga. All of them are available direct line from Porto and the journey takes around one hour.


Public transportation tickets

how to get passport for public transport, map of zones and recommendation which zone to choose (Andante, different zones, single ticket, train ticket). For visitors of Porto it is advantageous to buy a 24-hour or 72-hour ticket for public transport. However, it is strange that the 24-hour ticket can be purchased in a vending machine, but only 72 hours in the office. During traveling by public transport you need to be careful about validation. Here in Porto is necessary to constantly validate your Andante card when get on the bus or metro but also if you change line to another in metro. As we proved reliable metro. That is, at least for us new information and often use this option. How to do not stuck in really long queue for charging Andante and how to use charging machine