Payment methods

In Portugal, they use currency named Euro. Maybe you can struggle with this fact if you are from a country where the currency is different. Of course, you will same cash for the beginning but what happens once you’re out of them?

Once you are out of cash you will need to make withdraw from the bank machine. However, some banks have very high fee or bad exchange rate. The best solution is to have Revolut card where you can make withdraw up to €200 per month. Which seems to be a normal debit card with over 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate. We use it during our Erasmus and we saved a lot of money.

Another case when you can use this Revolut card is when you need to transfer money for instance to the landlord as a deposit, again with a better rate than from your bank.

Of course, the main and most obvious use case is paying with your card in all shops, bars, museums with a better rate.

There are many reasons why use this card and we choose some that we loved during our Erasmus:

•  Open a current account in minutes
•  Built-in budgeting
•  Over 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate
•  Withdraw money abroad up to €200 per month
•  Transfer money globally
• Send and request money in seconds