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Portugal is in general one of the best place for surfing in the world. We can really recommended to try this amazing sport. The best way to try out this sport is to pay a course at one of the surf schools. Definitely not recommended to borrow itself surf and go into the waves. Surfing without some knowledge and right equipment could be dangerous. Best spot for surfing is on Matosinhos beach, there is the largest concentration of surf schools exactly on the beach. You can go to beach and ask at some of theme for surf lesson. Most of these schools have discount for ERASMUS students.


We tried some of them:

  • Fish Surf School is a Surf school based in Matosinhos (near the roundabout with the Big fishing net) that started through our love of the ocean since 2008, our surf classes have the duration of 1,5 hours of pure surfing with the support and training of a certified surf coach, including all the stuff you need (surfboard adjusted to your level and nice & clean wetsuit).
    Prices: One class – 8 euros /  5 classes – 35 euros / 8 classes – 45 euros (have all the semester to make the surf classes) Booking the first class: 00351 916082218 or
  • Onda Pura surf school – school is situated exactly on the beach Matosinhos. Very good condition of equipment (surf, wetsuit) and friendly teachers. We enjoyed so much fun in this school. Price of the lesson is not the cheapest, but we usually attend to happy hour for ERASMUS students for 6 €. This happy hours are usually organized on facebook.
  • Flower Power surf school – school is also situated on the beach Matosinhos near the building Luz e Som – Edifício Transparente. Equipment was little bit older then in Onda Pura but the teachers are also very friendly and talkative. The best price you get when you order a set of 4 or 8 lessons in the ESN office. For 4 lessons was price 25 € and for 8 lessons 40 €, but you have to choose your schedule in advance and then it is problem to change this schedule.

Football – Soccer

In Porto there is a lot of small football playgrounds. Our most favourite are in these addresses:

  • R. de Alves Redol 292,4050-042 Porto (One playground for 11 vs 11)
  • R. Dr. Plácido da Costa 91,4200-450 Porto (Two small playgrounds for 5 vs 5, One playground for 11 vs 11)
  • Santo António do Telheiro 463 4465-128 São Mamede de Infesta (Inside plaground for 5 vs 5)
  • Parque da Cidade – GPS Location: 41.169792, -8.677621 (One small playground for 5 vs 5 and one big playground divided for two halfs)

On Facebook, there is group where you can find players for football:


One way to travel around Port and do something for your health is to take a bike and go on trip. We have two recommendation for bike trip.

First one is riding a bike while you go through the north riverside and sea coast. Start of the trip is on Ribeira then you just follow river until to its confluence with the sea. At the confluence of the river with the sea, we can visit the Lighthouse Lady of Light and Fortaleza de São João da Foz. We continue along the coast road to visit Foz, Castelo do Queijo, Parque da Cidade, and ends with a trip to the beach Matosinhos. Return back the same way. This trip is about 30 km.

Second one is riding a bike while you go through the south riverside and sea coast. This trip is not so much about monuments, but mostly about nice beaches. Start of the trip is on Ribeira then cross the bridge Ponte Luíz I and you just follow river until to its confluence with the sea. We continue along the coast road to visit Espinho. Return back the same way. This trip is about 50 km, but don’t worry there are no hills.


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The best feeling of workout will have a only on the beach at sunset. We can recommend the workout playground on Matosinhos beach, there is everything what you need for your exercise! For more information visit the

Beach activities

The beach Matosinhos is possible apart from surfing to play volleyball, beach football, frisbee, etc.

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